CL#016 Jingai Makyo Ignis Review – AmiAmi Loot #01

From the PC game Jingai Makyo, this wonderful cast-off 18+ figure is sexy and shiny.

So, I really recommend you continue just if you’re 18+ or you are able to see EROGE.

This figure is hot, cast-off the clothes was a surprise for me, I just bought it on AmiAmi for test purpose and I found out that this figures totally rocks.

Name: Ignis
Series: Jingai Makyo
Release Date: December 2008
Type: Creator’s Labo, Painted PVC & ABS, 1/8 scale (22.0 cm height)
Sculptor: G.O.
Manufacturer: YAMATO Co.

More hot moe photos below. Enlarge if click…

The box arrived yesterday!
Some transportation problems…
Borders very well protected
From AmiAmi Bros
She’s safe. Nice Box ^^
Wonderful pose

So much details

The panchira shot :3

Undressing 18+ From here

Figma Meiya Sword fits well
So gorgeous
Valkyrie Mirin got those things stolen for Ignis sake
Shield fix perfectly
Last time we saw Mirin

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3 Responses to CL#016 Jingai Makyo Ignis Review – AmiAmi Loot #01

  1. unknowdata says:

    This one shipped via EMS right?

    Nice pictures ^^

    • paiki says:

      It’s SAL ^^;;; on the 1st photo of the box, there’s a green sticker, It’s not much visible, but it’s written SAL on it.

      Took me 1 month to receive here in Brazil O_O…. well, not so bad, I’m waiting for another product for 45 days from China…

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