eBay Fake Konata Izumi #27 Nendoroid

Weird Mouth

Weird Mouth

Recently I went into a new adventure on eBay, Buy Anime Figures from different sellers. For my first experience, well, a FAKE!!! Yes yes and yes, bought an original, choose a high price, and when I get it, it was a FAKE!

While searching about the fakes GSC products, I didn’t find anyone talking about Konata Izumi, but I found this link to “L” and other with a small list of figures that was spotted replicas already:


I got some photos to show how much this fake is in a real bad shape. Let’s go for the details:

eBay seller: itadvgary
Product: Nendoroid Konata Izumi #27a.
Place: Hong Kong.
Price: US$ 35,00 with Shipping.
Delivery: 33 days to Brazil.
Details: Fake Product, promised to be Brand New Original Good Smile Company Product.

Reflective Black Color? NOOO!!!!

Reflective Black Color? NOOO!!!!

Look her skirt... a Kid can cut better, and ever a yellow color on her left arm.

Look her skirt... a Kid can cut better, and ever a yellow color on her left arm.

Neck is a one piece... You cant move her neck.

Neck is a one piece... You cant move her neck

What a messed hair

This is what I would say: What a messed hair

The pink ribbon looks like a sponge, and those black dots are hard as rock, maybe some dust?

The pink ribbon looks like a sponge, and those black dots are hard as rock, maybe some dust?

Right arm have a weird blue color

Right arm have a weird blue color

Top of her hair, more black stuff and a painting error.

And this... this I cant describe what is...

And this... this I cant describe what is...

The chair have this scratch and a brown painting in the mid of silver painting

The chair have this scratch and a brown painting in the mid of silver painting

Another Chair Leg...

Another Chair Leg...

Something is wrong with her bottom

Something is wrong with her bottom

AB? And look this holes for her legs... Im trying to put her legs until now.

AB? And look this holes for her legs... Im trying to put her legs until now.


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20 Responses to eBay Fake Konata Izumi #27 Nendoroid

  1. SG says:

    The horror! I hate bootlegs T_T
    I don’t trust Ebay either.


  2. aquilla says:

    That really sucks that you got a fake even when paying retail value. I used to buy figures of ebay years ago and I was lucky that they were legit but i don’t think i ever would now. I hear so many bootleg stories =(

  3. konadora says:

    I feel really bad for you… never trust eBay lol. Isn’t there an anime merchandise store near you? I always buy from this one store I know, unless other genuine stores offer discount.

  4. John says:

    gosh… that was horrible… I bought some figures from eBay and lucky for not getting any bootlegs… I still don’t really trust eBay… even those trusted sellers…

  5. Pus2meong says:


    1. READ THE SELLER INFORMATION: IF the seller never saying about “genuine” or “authentic” figure (nendoroid for example). Whatever nice service and insurance they give you, ignore it, because IT MEAN THAT FIGURE IS BOOTLEG.

    2. Alot of bootleg Nendoroid at ebay, so beware, please refer to the number 1

    3. If the seller stating if the figure is “genuine” or “authentic” you can buy it. But if you found it was fake, you can open case to ebay and paypal. You can refuse to return the figure because didn’t want to pay the shipping fee, ebay and paypal will on your side because that seller is lie to you, you can get your money back 100% without the need to spending anything.

    I have check the seller of that figure and here is the result

    1. The seller never saying about “genuine” or “authentic” figure. He/she only said brandnew 100%. IT mean you can’t request 100% refund because they not to lie to you (they only playing words trick by saying 100% brand new, well…even bootleg figures who come out from the factory is a brand new 😉 )

    2. This seller is one of many seller which are selling boot leg nendoroid figures. Mostly they know each other.

    TO ANYONE ELSE, if you need to buy figure at ebay please check the seller reputation. use this website to check out all of their negative feed back:

    toolhaus can reveal the seller negative feed back, the item, and the buyer who leave the feedback. You can make a decision whether want to buy or not.

    AND, always rever to the number 1 tips above. Always find the information that says “genuine” or “authentic”

  6. whaatttt says:

    Very nice post keep it up ^-^ please check out my blog its about gaming,technology, and anime!!! thanksssssssssssss 😀


  7. Kei says:

    Damn it! >_< i bought the same…

  8. Kimi says:

    It’s not ebay, it’s Hong Kong, Chinese, Malaysian and Taiwan sellers that sell bootlegs. That’s why when I buy things off ebay I don’t buy from sellers in those countries. I boughed a Pokemon game off there when I was unaware of Hong Kong sellers. They sold me a fake game that didn’t work and they wouldn’t give me a refund. Ebay made them refund me 100% so yeah. Live and learn.

  9. Fychan says:

    Hey, you’re from Brazil, right? Did you get rid of her already?
    If not, would you be insterested to sell her for more or less half you paid? This way you could have part of your money refunded!

    And… Well, I’m sorry for you. eBay is a great place to buy many things(well, better than mercado livre…), but not figures. Most of them are either overpriced or bootlegs. There are a lot of trustful online shops, like Hobby Search, Hobby Link, Kid Nemo… But old products are hard to find indeed =/

  10. MakoAoyama says:

    Hey, I’d just like to say thanks for posting this on the internet for everyone to see.
    I was actually just about to buy the exact same figure you did and I noticed it was located in Hong Kong so I did a search on bootlegs first before I bought one and your blog came up.

    At least maybe you can take comfort knowing you helped someone else avoid making the same mistake.


  11. wolfie says:

    I am very interested in nendoroids at my young age and my mother told me when i bought my first one not to buy one from hong kong i feel so bad that this happend to you

  12. Ninjovee says:

    This is a very sad experience… But as far as I know, all Konata and Kagami nendoroids are limited exclusives so getting her for that price is actually cheaper than if you got an original. As some of the commenters said, eBay is not the root of evil, its the stores/sellers that sell the fakes that are evil.

    The good thing about this is, next time you’ll be more aware and cautious when buying things online. I think eBay can give you a refund for this if you forward the issue to their help desk.

    I suggest that you buy from vendors that are located in Japan to be sure the goods are genuine, and check the feedback from other buyers as well. Also, it is good to research about the figure you’re buying to be sure the price listed is just right… here‘s the most complete database of figures I know of… it’s not totally complete, but the more popular figures are sure to be there in the list.

    There’s a really good blog entry about spotting fakes, but I’m not on my own PC aotm, so I’ll try and dig it up later ^^

  13. Chaotic says:

    aww that sucks i think ive gone and bought the same thing too =/ guess i’ll have to wait till it gets here

    thnx for posting

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  16. massy says:

    OMG that’s bad, that’s very bad >..<

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  18. Hatsune Mio says:

    this is more worst than a horror film

  19. karly says:

    mine looks like that too, but I got it from amazon

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