Big Question: Returning Trip Luggage!!!


After 2 times travelling to Japan and buying Figures for myself, I realized that I need a LOT OF LUGGAGE SPACE!!! So I came with a nice solution for bringing my new figures without much damage and without getting a lot of space for it.


First thing you need is something very useful, a scissor. And a lot of time.

… Look my Luggage before travelling.

Some people don’t believe in me, but everything of this photo went inside that bag on the left corner!!!

A simple way that I did on my trip in October was, get everything I bought, and put inside the biggest box… a huge MISTAKE. YES… unfortunately, after seeing how they treat your luggage, some things will reach home damaged, like hair, small stuffs, the boxes…

Q: Now what’s the point trying to get more space if you do damages on your Figures?
A: Bring more stuff with less space.

I made an optimization on this second Trip. I used some parts of the package to wrap the stuff inside the boxes and worked really well.

See below the results:

So those two boxes went inside all NENDOS and all Gundams.

Unpacking, what a Huge Surprise!!! Like heathorn Commented, I assembled all my 3 Gundams in about 9 hours, so I could put everything on a smaller box.

A nice way to use Tissues is to cover small pieces that comes with NENDOs. The smaller ones you can put inside the head space after you cover it with a tissue.

Here is the secret, you cut the Transparent Plastic wrapping the Figures, just like this. It’s more safe this way, but obviously, not as safe as the original Package.

Sorry Miyafuji, you came covered only with tissues, soh I extra covered her with a lot of tissues…

First Trip: 3 Figures Damaged. 75% of a Bag full of Figures.
Second Trip: 0 Figures Damaged. 95% of a Bag full of Figures. (more space for the new packing method).

All Figures companies should make a “Deluxe Box” and a “Travel Box”.


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3 Responses to Big Question: Returning Trip Luggage!!!

  1. heathorn says:

    wow, you assembled all the gundams first before packing ^_^

  2. Aeon says:

    On my trip, I won’t have the time to assemble…

  3. xsportseeker says:

    Found it!
    xD Nice, very nice… I also want Yoshika Miyafuji chan….

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