Japanese Translator for Firefox


Simple and efficient, if you don’t know how to read japanese, but you do want to read the website. Here is the solution of your problems. Polar Cloud Website bring all sort of stuffs for you to learn JAPANESE!!!. Thanks for @animefigures that twitted me, and @tofugu for the nice review.

But what you really need is Rikaichan working. Rikaichan is a point-mouse add-on for firefox, which every japanese word that you point, will bring a Pop-up window showing the meanings of that word, and you find out what suit more.

The URL for the Rikaichan is found in Firefox Section or in mozdev website. I’m using the latest firefox (3.5.2) with the beta version that you find on the bottom of the page.

You need the rikaichan 1.06 or 1.07beta AND one of the word dictionaries (English, German, French, Russian). Better description on the image above:

After the restart a nice red smile is showing on the bottom right corner of the browser. Just click it once and wait for a star to show.

Now you can hit on a Japanese web site and point with your mouse to have a nice translator working.


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