Bootleg Hatsune Miku #33 Nendoroid

Selling bootlegs never been used to be so easy. Many friends still think that my Nendoroid Konata Izumi #27A is real, not a Bootleg.

The truth is, Nendoroid sales are enormous outside of the Japan, and even the bootleg are getting a “good” quality that make people forget that could be a bootleg product (for example: Hatsune Miku).

First thing on this #33: the box is NEARLY the same as original, didn’t notice much things that looks different.

Second improvement: the quality of the product is a lot better than other bootlegs in the market, but still far away from the real product.

The thing is, produce and sell Nendoroids is expensive, and rarely you’ll find at a lower cost than Amazon Japan or Nendoroid Official Web Site.

And again I recommend you Google it first: Pasu’s Blog have a nice review about the difference of the Bootleg and the Real one.

Let’s go to the differences spotted, first thing that I need explain is, that I don’t have a Miku Real or Bootleg, I’m wishing to buy, but on eBay is really IMPOSSIBLE now with so many bootlegs, so I can’t post photos of the Miku. But, after some bad and good experiences with Nendoroids, I’m getting good on some procedures to identify a Real one:

Kagami Mikku GSC Logo
Goodsmile Logo is this color of orange, not Light orange or yellow.

Kagami Mikku Crypton Copyright
Copyright symbol before Crypton are “©”, Miku Bootleg have just a C.

Yoko Nendoroid with Flash
The flash put her face with a natural white color, the bootleg, get shiny parts mainly on the cheeks, that looks like simple PVC plastic.

Yoko Nendoroid Base
The base ALWAYS have information about the Figure, not only the “MADE IN CHINA”.

With these informations you can guess 99% of Bootleg Nendoroids… and if you, with this info, keep buying bootlegs, Yoko-chan will put this on your pants and shoot!!!
Yoko Nendoroid Zoom


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One Response to Bootleg Hatsune Miku #33 Nendoroid

  1. pirs says:

    Acabei de receber a minha Miku pelo correio e, depois de uns minutos na internet, noto que ela é um bootleg. 😦

    Fucking ebay.

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