Mirai Suenaga Persona Skin for Firefox

Personas is an interesting way for you to customize your Firefox. He can change the Background of your Toolbar and StatusBar, change the Font Color, and the Background Color (this didn’t work for me).

With some spare time I did this small job using Mirai Suenaga and Dannychoo.com logotype.

If Danny send me an OK for Publish this Persona Skin, I’ll publish on Personas Website under Creative Common License.

Wanna make your own Persona Skin?


About paiki
paiki.info: News about my travel to Tokyo, and other Tokyo Stuffs. Anime and Figures.

5 Responses to Mirai Suenaga Persona Skin for Firefox

  1. Nice work. I’m using it as my skin now haha.

    I didnt’ know about Personas for Firefox, but now that I do I think I’ll use them, and when I have time I might create my own persona ^^.

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