Hobby Search Loot #02 & eBay Auction!


Light Speed Mail Service? Miracle? Don’t know, this 4 days Shipment from Japan to Brazil was really big. The 2 new figures that I receive from Hobby Search are Chizuru Minamoto from Taki-Corporation, Lena Sayers from Mile-stone

eBay Auction Bid Win on Rihoko Amaha from Organic Hobby. Seller and information about those three acquired Figures above.

== Quick data eBay animejackpotgems ==
Bought date: 14 September 2009.
Arrival date: 02 October 2009. (18 days).
Shipment Code: Inform a lot of details.
Product Quality: 100% Brand New.
Shipping: US$15.15 First Class Mail, not cheap, neither fast.
Package: Really awesome packing.

Very big Pack is from HobbySearch, not so big from animejackpot.

== Figure Details ==
Name: Witchblade Rihoko Amaha
Manufacturer: ORGANIC Hobby
Price: US $28.99
Release Date: July 2008
Type: Painted PVC 1/7 (19 cm)
Surprising Package from animejackpot. A lot of styrofoam, with air bubble wrapped, and a paper inside. The best one that I received until now.

Bottom, Business Card, and a Thank you card inside the package. This alien bubble stuff is the Rihoko.

Rihoko outsite the Bubble Prision.

Rihoko and Nendoroid Kureha Size difference, a bit blurry.

You can put her backpack (mine is already on).

== Quick data Hobby Search ==
Bought date: 28 September 2009.
Arrival date: 02 October 2009. (4 days).
Shipment Code: Inform a lot of details.
Product Quality: 100% Brand New.
Shipping: JP ¥ 8,500 total. By the size was so so, not that cheap.
Package: Really well packed.

Now we go to Hobby Search box. Chizuru and Lena already outside the cardboard box.

== Figure Details ==
Name: My-Otome 0~S.ifr~ Lena Sayers
Manufacturer: Mile stone
Price: JP ¥ 3,220
Release Date: April 2009
Type: Painted PVC 1/5 (30 cm)
Zoom on Lena Sayers Box

Lena and Kureha Size Comparation, Lena Sayers is a 1/6 Figure

Need a light?

Panchira Shot, Censored >_<

Eye shot with red-eyes ON

Trying to pick a bad side of Lena, but I failed

Her mouth need a banana

== Figure Details ==
Name: Kanokon Chizuru Minamoto
Manufacturer: Taki Corporation – Taki F Collection
Price: JP ¥ 1,494
Release Date: December 2008
Type: Painted PVC 1/8 (15 cm)
Zoom on Chizuru Minamoto Box

Minamoto Chizuru will be reviewed later, just a size comparation photo with our beloved assistant Kureha again


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