Figma #043 Shamal Knight Arrived

The Greatest Defense from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StikerS, on her Knight Type Version. Maserati Shamal abilities come from the vast rings on her fingers. So no weapons this time ;_;…

My Figma Shamal arrived yesterday. Made by Max Factory, this item was released on September’2009, and is not that popular. I found some interesting things on this Figma Shamal. Her Jacket uses a flexible material, so you can pose her with other positions. She has a lot of details and a low cost with Figma benefits.

Let’s talk less about theory, and show the real thing.

== Specification ==
Name: figma Shamal Knight ver. (しゃまる きしふくばーじょん ふぃぐま)
Price: JP ¥2,800
Release Date: September 2009
Type: Painted ABS&PVC figure (14cm height)
Website: figma
Bought on: Hobby Search

Autobots! Open this box NOW!!!

Amazing Clothes on her

Nice Details on her foot

Small problem, Figma base arm doesn’t fit the hole on her back

Posing for a Portrait

Wedding Ring, and I didn’t receive any invitation

Feel my Fist

Battle START!

Shamal send a Finger Shot, Meiya defends

Shamal send a Wind Gust, Meiya blow away

Shamal on Anime


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