Figures and your finances

From time to time, I show my small figure collection and sometimes I got a reply like this “Aren’t you spending too much money with dolls?” or “Why don’t you save your money and make an investment?”… Now that I conclude Financial Education Master class, I know a proper answer for these questions…

First, collect figures is like an hobby, and I spend my money wisely, where 5% is for hobbies and entertainment, 50% investments, 15% basics, 15% travels, 15% emergencies.

But I spent more than 15% of my money this year with figures and my Hobby money didn’t change!!! Let me show how to justify:

1st. Emergency Money

You spent all your money for figures, and an extremely rare and special figure starts preorder… well it’s an emergency, so call it for emergencies.

2nd. This figure price increase

Excellent, now you can remove this brilliant figure from Emergencies. Why? Because if you sell (as you would sell), you’ll get more money, and everything that you buy for X, and sell for X+1 is an investment.

3rd. You have some empty spaces in your desktop

Well, it’s a basic rule to have a nice room environment. So put it for Basics Expenses.

Now you can handle with 85% of your daily expenses with anime and figures… well and if you don’t want to travel, get it to 100% now! And don’t waste time with food please, it gets the figure dirt.

About paiki News about my travel to Tokyo, and other Tokyo Stuffs. Anime and Figures.

One Response to Figures and your finances

  1. Smarty says:

    I like how your blog is laid out. I have bookmark this and look forward to seeing more.

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