Kotobukiya Xecty Military Uniform ver.

Kotobukiya brought to light a new Figure, from the PS-2 Game Shining Wind, the Xecty Ein, using her Military Uniform, is a master piece. Pre-order is already available on HobbySearch, which was the place that I get the images this time ^^; Don’t waste time bros!

I don’t really know why, but I would love to start collecting Shining Wind Figures now, Kotobukiya Quality is awesome, and I can spend a little more to have one or two of them.

== Specification ==
Name: Xecty Ein (ゼクティ・アイン)
Series: Shining Wind (Playstation-2)
Price: JP ¥6,460 on HobbySearch
Release Date: March 2010
Type: Painted PVC 1/8 Scale (20,0cm height)
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Images from: HobbySearch


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One Response to Kotobukiya Xecty Military Uniform ver.

  1. Silver Lynx says:

    Kotobukiya did an amazing job of staying true to the character design and I know they do exceptional work. ^_^ It’s a shame that none of the other Shining Wind characters has quite the same draw as Kureha did for me. =^_^=

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