Kanji of 2009 (New)

The Kanji of the year is a small event made by Zaidan hōjin Nihon Kanji Nōryoku kentei kyōkai (Japanese Kanji Proficiency Society 「財団法人日本漢字能力検定協会」) to choose the best word that can explain the world and the social conditions of the year.

For this year we got the word 「新」(shin), translated it’s NEW, problably the choose was because the economy started a new life, and people saw a new world after the economic crysis.

They conduct this survey since 1995, so I’ll just put these words from other years just below, and you guess why:

1995 ― 「震 shin」(Quake)
1996 ― 「食 shoku」(Food, eat)
1997 ― 「倒 tō」(Collapse, Knock Down)
1998 ― 「毒 doku」(Poison)
1999 ― 「末 sue」(End)
2000 ― 「金 kin」(Gold)
2001 ― 「戦 sen」(War)
2002 ― 「帰 ki」(Return)
2003 ― 「虎 tora」(Tiger)
2004 ― 「災 sai」(Disaster)
2005 ― 「愛 ai」(Love)
2006 ― 「命 inochi」(Life)
2007 ― 「偽 nise」(Deception)
2008 ― 「変 hen」(Change)

From Wikipedia. They have the meaning of why they choose each Kanji of the year too.

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