Figma Lum Invader

New figma for the old folks. This is Lum Invader from Urusei Yatsura which the manga started at 1978 (I wasn’t in my parents plans yet). She comes with the cute cousin Ten-chan >_<.

Ahh, the old age, I don’t remember any episode of Urusei Yatsura. We used to watch anime on an annual event called Animecon. They brought to us from Japan using VHS tapes, and was really awesome, because any tape was like diamonds for me.

== Specifications ==
Name: figma Lum Invader (ラム•インベーダー)
Price: No price yet
Release Date: Not confirmed
Type: Painted ABS&PVC figure (14cm height)
Website: figma

No more infos, sorry. But, figma blog gave us a photo of the next one figma coming with Lum too, on the end of post.

Kagome from InuYasha coming soon???

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2 Responses to Figma Lum Invader

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  2. S.E. Roberts says:

    OMG!Lum! Do want!

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