WAVE Beach Queens K-On! Ritsu Tainaka

WAVE showed the photos and informations about the last two K-On Beach Queens: so let’s show Ritsu first.

Ritsu the drummer (not so much) master in her bikini from the Training Trip to the Beach episode. Questioning if the quality is good or not, but for this price I wouldn’t care much if I get the complete collection *_*.

Name: Ritsu Tainaka
Series: K-On!
Price: ¥3,800
Release Date: May 2010
Type: Painted PVC 1/10 scale(16.0cm height)
Sculptor: Heel Saito
Manufacturer: WAVE

Hontoni Kawaii nee ^^
Small Zoom on her
Who’s she ^^;;;

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4 Responses to WAVE Beach Queens K-On! Ritsu Tainaka

  1. BlackSun88 says:

    i prefer ritsu with her hair down ^^

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  3. Pinkfoxx says:

    Will she come with drumsticks? Her left hand is closed.

    • paiki says:

      No, she wont, she will come just like this, since she’s not a High Quality Figure, she doesn’t have much to offer =(

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