Griffon Touhou Eirin Yagokoro

Not just Alter, but Griffon Enterprises gave us a double X-mas Puresento. Eirin from the Psycho-Shooter Game Touhou have a delightful pose with her bow and arrow waiting for some creeps spawns over the air.

I’m just a newbie on Touhou, well, I’m amazing dumb on this game, I dunno how to play properly. But I LOVE IT! I dunno if the end product will have this much shade over her clothes, but the paint job is really awesome!!!!

Name: Eirin Yagokoro
Series: Touhou
Price: ¥ 6,800
Release Date: 22 february 2010
Type: Painted, 1/8 scale (18.5 cm height)
Sculptor: Akio Akiyama
Manufacturer: Griffon Enterprises

The pics, the click, the higher resolution.


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