X-mas Wallpaper gifts

So we finally reach that end of 2009. Many things happened, a lot of good things happened. It’s really hard to me say something to users on my blog. So I would like to thank you with this small collection of wallpapers from Konachan.

Amazing guys I found since I started this blog, I would love to say everyone, but I always forget one or two, and it’s unfair. Well, everyone is welcome here, discuss, correct me if needed. It’s all about anime and figures after all.

Thanks for support me. And I almost forget. We reached 9000 access >_< in 8 months!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


About paiki
paiki.info: News about my travel to Tokyo, and other Tokyo Stuffs. Anime and Figures.

4 Responses to X-mas Wallpaper gifts

  1. rob says:

    Thanks for the xmas wallpapers, good stuff!
    Here are some Japanese TVCM’s that are pretty fun to watch

  2. John says:

    Happy New Year to All of you guys.

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