Griffon R-Line Claudette from Queen’s Blade

Griffon Enterprises brought to light the Queen’s Blade Claudette, under the name of R-Line product line. Claudette have some cast-off parts and is 1/7. Wow, the battle for Queen’s Blade looks heavy on Figure Companies. Is Claudette a Wish?

For me it’s not, I think Claudette not this awesome as a character, but the figure is very well made and I have high hopes for this R-Line. Well, better wait for more coverages and spot something most wanted.

Short on time this end of year and beginning of 2010. Sorry folks, news are a bit old, but I’ll keep recording all figure news 2 or 3 days late.

Name: Lightning General Claudette (雷雲の将 クローデット)
Series: Queen’s Blade
Price: ¥7,600
Release Date: March 2010
Type: Painted PVC & ABS, 1/7 scale (22.5 cm height)
Sculptor: Ryoichi Ikeda
Manufacturer: Griffon Enterprises

More Photos, and stuffs.


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2 Responses to Griffon R-Line Claudette from Queen’s Blade

  1. jm says:

    I love Claudette, but this figure is just too “meh” for me. The pose is boring and there’s not enough detail. I’ll wait til MegaHouse does Claudette proper.

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