Skytube Ibuki Ikaruga Bewitched Ver.

ALPHAMAX announced Ibuki Ikaruga from Asu no Yoichi to star a “Bewitched” figure on the Skytube sexy figures brand. Ibuki will get a special material-type commonly known as CyberSkin, something that looks like human skin…

Skytube turn everything pure and white to naughty and pure hentai, but is something that I would like to get just to see how much quality these figures have. I think some different material to make the figures is pretty nice, but I dunno how much effort they tested it, so BE CAREFUL!

I don’t know much about cyberskins material-type, but I do know that most of them have an original shape durantion for about 2 years, and after that they starts to change the shape.

Name: Inuki Ikaruga Voluptuous ver.
Series: Asu no Yoichi!
Price: ¥14,800
Release Date: TBD
Type: Painted Cold Cast & Special Skin-Type Material, 1/6 scale (13.0 cm height)
Sculptor: ???
Manufacturer: Skytube/ALPHAMAX


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