Top 10 Wallpapers for To aru Kagaku no Railgun

My small collection of Konachan wallpapers for To aru Kagaku no Railgun. After a long 2 months getting a lot of random wallpapers, I decided to put some order and discovered that I have tons of Raigun wallpaper. Many of them are not that good but I think I have enough to get a Top 10 myself.

Let’s get to the wallpapers, problably no one is reading from here already ^^;;;

#10 Saten – Ok-desu!

#9 Shirai – You are Under Arrest!

#8 Shirai and Misaka – Itadakimasu!

#7 Uiharu and Saten – Gosh Yuri action

#6 Group – Windmills is the power!

#5 Group – To the beach bitch!

#4 Group – iPod Style!


#2 Konori – Mii Oppai miruku daisuki!

#1 Misaka – Byebye


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4 Responses to Top 10 Wallpapers for To aru Kagaku no Railgun

  1. mangajet says:

    You have a lot of wallpapers. I envied you. By the way, Railgun has come to close to end on TV. I miss Railgun and want to watch more story. Mikoto is justice!
    I write a blog in japan and send information of Japanese anime and manga. What kind of information do you want, if you visit my blog?

    • paiki says:

      Probably more about the Japan around you ^^ I like to see the everyday life in Japan, and as you do it, a lot of anime/manga information come across you. Nice to see mangajet on my blog! Adding on twitter!

  2. sakurazakii says:

    owh thats some collection …


  3. kotyara says:

    My new project:

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