Kotobukiya Pest X-san from HoiHoi-san LEGACY

Alas, some good news for this week, the first one is this new HoiHoi-san LEGACY plastic figure. Pest X-san have much more details than the others. Packing together many extra equipments, her scarf, extra emotion face, flying knifes and the falcon blade.

Well, I think I’ll start regret for not buying the HoiHoi-san figures, but I still have doubts about it’s quality, well I can’t see much people taking photos of them, are they funny or not?

Name: Pest X-san
Series: HoiHoi-san LEGACY
Price: ¥3,150
Release Date: June 2010
Type: Partially Painted Plastic, 1/1 scale (12.5 cm height)
Sculptor: Reiichi Ito
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Distributor: Kotobukiya

Funny weird smile

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2 Responses to Kotobukiya Pest X-san from HoiHoi-san LEGACY

  1. Kassi says:

    I just got HoiHoi-san at an anime convention over the weekend and put her together today. She’s super cute! If you like the characters and enjoy putting kits together (HoiHoi-san was my first kit but I had so much fun *A*) then they’re definitely worth the purchase. At least with my Hoihoi, she’s a little … I wouldn’t say fragile, but some parts come off easily so you have to be patient when posing but otherwise she’s a lovely piece and I will definitely be looking in to getting any others that are put out, like Pest X-san.

    • paiki says:

      I heard about it, some people put some super glue, wait for dry, and put the joint back to fit better

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