Yamato SIF EX Kiki Oki from Sumaga

Yamato is going to release Kiki Oki Demonize ver. from Sumaga, an Ero Visual Novel from Nitroplus. Kiki Oki wears a seifuku (制服 – uniform) with a very detailed scarf. Her black Demon Wings together with her black hair is an ultimate combo from all points of view.

Yamato did great on reviving Sumaga character. This SIF EX (Story Image Figure Extra) will be release 14 months after the latest SIF EX, and the price got a bit higher than we all expected (15.75% higher? hello Yamato???). The skin have a weird color, but the other stuffs on her makes me forget about it.

Any fans of white plastic skin color?

Name: SIF EX Kiki Oki Demonize
Series: Sumaga(スマガ), Star Mine Girl
Price: ¥8,800
Release Date: May 2010
Type: Painted PVC & ABS, 1/8 scale (21.0 cm height)
Sculptor: French Doll
Manufacturer: YAMATO
Distributor: YAMATO


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4 Responses to Yamato SIF EX Kiki Oki from Sumaga

  1. additer says:

    It looks good even with that skin color. The wings are one of the best I’ve seen in the entire figure industry 😛

  2. Xeno - KAI says:

    Actually I recently purchased this figure and the skin looks darker than you see here on the prototype shots – sure she’s still pale, but the skin tone looks a lot more natural in person.

    • paiki says:

      Thanks for ur short review. This images colors looks a bit off indeed. So this figure is fantastic! I want one so bad now T_T

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