Griffon Kanu Uncho Maid Version from Ikkitousen Xtreme Xecutor

Another figure from Griffon starring Kanu Uncho from the 4th Ikkitousen series, Xtreme Xecutor. This frilly maid costume is suppose to be partially cast-off, but I can’t visualize, since the latest photos don’t show any more than this.

Not a big fan of Ikkitousen, I have 1 Figma Kanu Uncho just because I wanted to collect all Figmas (just a child dream that I lose for the sake of Limited editions). But this figure speak by itself, far different from most part of Kanu’s that you find elsewhere. A well done job, just the hair painting have some problems, maybe, is just my point of view, but the shadows on her hair doesn’t look really shadows ^^;;; Am I that wrong?

Name: Kanu Uncho Maid Version
Series: Ikkitousen Battle Vixens
Price: ¥8,500
Release Date: ??? 2010
Type: Painted PVC, 1/7 scale (23.5 cm width)
Sculptor: Masahiro Yamamoto
Manufacturer: Griffon Enterprises
Distributor: Griffon Enterprises


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