GSC Nendoroids travelling to Natal

Paiki and Priscy went to a travel in Natal/RN – Brazil with two Nendo-victims. These two Nendoroids went in a test-drive suffering a large amount of stress travelling by plane, and going to beach on heavy sun. Took more photos for people who would like to visit Brazil soon.

I rarely speaks about myself in the blog. I do need make some apologizes about 6 to 8 March, I went to Natal on a sudden travel. As you can see, I had to take two Nendoroids, since Kotona and Fireball were my latest acquisition I get them to stay with us hidden in our luggage.

About the place: This area have a lot of beaches and is mainly a tourist are. The cheap price of food (big plates serving 3 people for 25 USD) and the amusing natural resorts in this area makes Natal one of the favorites places choosen by tourist.

So let’s get back and hit the photos!

Careca’s Mount

Artista Beach

Jenipabu Dunes Alligator’s Lake – 66 alligators inside an oasis

Jenipabu Dunes Alligator’s Lake – 66 alligators inside an oasis

Jenipabu Beach

This place is just a single Cashew Tree, the biggest plant in the world with 1 hectar size.


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One Response to GSC Nendoroids travelling to Natal

  1. Densha Otoko says:

    Ah yes , White Sandy Beaches , Coconut Trees , Blue Ocean , Sunny weather . Thats the Life .

    I winder what the food looks like

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