T’s system Sanae Kochiya from Touhou Project

T’s system Sanae Kochiya is the last figure entry for T’s system combo launch. The wind priestess Sanae wears a custom Shrine Maiden clothes with very nice colors and her uniques hairpins the frog and snake, making this figure a very nice and detailed view for my eyes.

Sanae Kochiya wears a similar outfit as Reimu, but with some small difference in color and the hairpin. She uses a snake and a frog on her hair, the frog is a representative of Suwako Moriya Goddess of mountains and the snake is Kanako Yasaka Goddess of wind and rain.

Quality is really good, and the price have great discounts in AmiAmi only, so I suggest get these limite editions if you are huge fan of Touhou figures.

Sanae Kochiya

Series: Touhou Project
Price: ¥8,500
Release Date: August 2010
Type: Painted PVC, 1/6 scale (25.0 cm height)
Sculptor: Takeshi Miyagawa
Manufacturer: T’s system
Distributor: T’s system


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