Orchid Seed Ernula from Senko no Ronde

Orchid Seed announced Ernula The Android, from the shooting game Senko no Ronde. Ernula is a secret playable character and she appears with a childish and sexy body, fitting perfect for the Orchid Seed style. Her clothes are, by far, the most amazing job that I can remember from them, plentiful of frills and details for you. And of course, the big usagi (rabbit)… what can I say about the big rabbit? Remembers me Alice!!!

I’m really impressed on how much Orchid seed get a lot of public attention. These figures have a really high quality, and they don’t get it to a very expensive level, but it’s just sexy kids, or lolis… Tokyo will ban them!


Series: Senko no Ronde
Price: ¥8,285
Release Date: August 2010
Type: Painted PVC, 1/7 scale (13.5 cm height)
Sculptor: Atsushi Yoshino and Ranmaru
Manufacturer: Orchid Seed
Distributor: Orchid Seed


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3 Responses to Orchid Seed Ernula from Senko no Ronde

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  2. wow amazing info dude.

  3. KINGRPG says:

    I like that you think. Thank you for share very much.

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