Griffon Remilia Scarlet – Gungnir Version – from Touhou Project

Griffon announced the final version of Remilia Scarlet – Lance of Gungnir version, from Touhou Project. This special version is supposed to run only on Japan, and probably took the heart of this writer as the best Touhou figure until now. Gungnir is made with a special shinning and semi-transparent material making it a very unique weapon, looking so cool with her flame magic.

Red, pink, and black, the best colors of pantsus now on your best Touhou figure! I dunno why I thought that, but this is really #TRUE (twitter influence). Before I forget she has 40 cm width, so be aware she’s really huge.

Eternal Young Red Moon Remilia Scarlet -Gungnir version-

Series: Touhou Project
Price: ¥10,290
Release Date: August 2010
Type: Painted PVC & ABS, 1/7 scale (24.5 cm height)
Sculptor: Akio Akiyama
Manufacturer: Griffon Enterprises
Distributor: Griffon Enterprises


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4 Responses to Griffon Remilia Scarlet – Gungnir Version – from Touhou Project

  1. Okazaki-san says:

    Loving this figure,with all those effects.They tried their best to replicate the fac by the looks of it,but it still looks off IMO.

  2. Reki says:

    You should be able to order it through amiami if you’re not in Japan, they accepted my order just fine.

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