Daiki Kougyou Ryomo Shimei ~Battle Dress Version~ from Ikkitousen

[ADULT CONTENT 18+] Daiki Kougyou show us some news of her ace figure, the big size version of Ryomo Shimei on Battle Costume. This figure is 1/4 scale, having 41 cm height and a lot of stuffs to have fun. Most part of her clothes are cast-off able, and she comes with a handcuff that can open and close (but not yet confirmed if the final product will do it).

Not a big fan of her face on this figure, but well, I won’t look much at her face if I get one of these… giant… figure ^^. We are getting near the 1/3 figures size… but for god sake, too big is a problem, I don’t have space for a 1/4 scale figure… too much space needed >_>

Ryomo Shimei ~ Battle Dress ~

Series: Ikkitousen
Price: ¥22,995
Release Date: September 2010
Type: Painted PVC, 1/4 scale (41.0 cm height)
Sculptor: Ichiro唐詩
Manufacturer: Daiki Kougyou
Distributor: Daiki Kougyou


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