Full Metal Alchemist END was really amazing, a small talk about life.

For the most amazing story produced by a mangaka that I ever read, Full Metal Alchemist (Manga) is far the most amazing. The time it ended is a proof that everything must have a end (maybe Bleach and Naruto mangakas show learn from his example). For my point of view and my personal Ranking, just click and keep reading the rest of this post.

Strange how the life goes, when I watched first Full Metal Alchemist, I was a little boy going to University out of my family wings. Many good and bad things counted up and it was religious downloading it (sorry, I didn’t have other way to get it).

When I got depressed by bad grades, girlfriend lost, health problems, I always recurred to animes/mangas to get in a good mood, and this was my remedy. Looking at this whole story makes me feel like we live in an “alchemy” world, nothing in our world is free, even kindness and happiness have a price to pay, you have to be kind for others be kind with you (just not an equivalent trade, I know).

From August 2001 to June 2010 the Full Metal Alchemist, this was a great time, and I really enjoyed reading/watching it. I’ll leave you with my ranking, and really enjoyed to see a lot of people hanging with my blog now ^^ Thank you so much!

Paiki Japanese Anime/Manga Ranking

1. Full Metal Alchemist (Anime/Manga)
2. Ah! Megami-sama (Manga)
3. One Piece (Manga)
4. Naruto (Manga)
5. TO Love-RU (Manga)

Wondering why there’s no Bleach? well, they made it so boring in the last 20 episodes, that it really got out of my attention.


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