Nendoroid Commemorable #100 Mickey Mouse

The #100 Nendoroid produced/helped by Nendoron crew is out, and it’s nothing less than Mickey Mouse! Mickey is one of the most impressive Nendoroid ever made, and didn’t even bothered me about he’s not a japanese character, but the fact of how good the figure is by itself.

His arms joints probably are hidden, and the whole body just like a drawing. The extras makes it much more fun!
Let’s wait for final announcement of this fantastic figure, and I’ll post the table content of this figure here soon.

Grabbed on Mika-tan Blog.


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One Response to Nendoroid Commemorable #100 Mickey Mouse

  1. Steve says:

    I’ve got not problem with the fact that it’s not a Japanese character, but it does bother me a bit that it looks nothing like a Nendoroid. I can imagine a lot of Nendoroid collectors being quite disappointed with this.

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