T’s System Touhou Project Cirno

Coming next, the third T’s System PVC figure announced, and like the others, is also a Touhou Project girl. Cirno (チルノ) is a fairy that controls ice, and her image is really different from this figure. Those crystals on her back doesn’t really look ice (and they would be ice crystals), and her hair is not really like that.

If you are thinking who is this Cirno: Google it!

And I had to read the stuff to see that she was really Cirno, was hoping for a new Touhou Project girl, but when I realised that she is Cirno I compared both and just had to say WTFo?! Anyway, the more important, quality is good, and the colors are somewhat different (ribbon should be red).

Cirno (チルノ)

Series: Touhou Project
Price: ¥8,500
Release Date: December 2010
Type: Painted PVC, 1/6 scale (26.0 cm height)
Sculptor: Miyagawa Takeshi
Manufacturer: T’s System
Distributor: T’s System


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2 Responses to T’s System Touhou Project Cirno

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  2. Whoa! What a beaut! o,o The wings look like ice to me, seems fine. Dress is simple but cute; I’m liking the unders as well, just that much cuter. Only flaw imo is the coloring of the eyes… too crayon-ish.

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