Figma Black Rock Shooter Dead Master

Max Factory announced a new Figma, it’s the second character found in Black Rock Shooter animation, the Dead Master. The figure is being launch on a good moment, while the animation will be launched very soon. Of course isn’t just it, the figure have a freaking detailed scythe and the two skulls that you can see sometimes with her. The details for both Black Rock Shooter figmas goes beyond the action figures, and you can reproduce nice scenes from the trailers already.

I got both, and I don’t really know why, just I like the concept of Figma and Black Rock Shooter, so both together I can’t lose it, right? >_<

Figma Dead Master

Series: Black Rock Shooter
Price: ¥3,000
Release Date: October 2010
Type: Painted PVC & ABS, non-scale (14.0 cm height)
Sculptor: Masaki Apsy
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Distributor: Good Smile Company


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3 Responses to Figma Black Rock Shooter Dead Master

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  2. kiki says:

    I am Going to buy this after I buy black Rock Shooter. Then I’ll buy this and soon purchase the nendoroids. I hope That buy the end of next year I will have the whole set!

  3. Pooky says:

    Omg, I’m not really into figmas but both Dead Master and Black Rock Shooter are making me drool like a starving cartoon character. Hahahaa, if any of huke’s other character’s are made into figmas in the distant future, I think I’m gonna die.

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