CM’s Corporation Asobi ni Ikuyo! Eris

CM’s Corporation puts only one official photo of this great and awaited figure of Eris, from Asobi ni Ikuyo!. This figure is based on the anime advertisement poster of Eris, with a juicy body, and a very kind smile on her face. The figure have a lot of positive points: shining paint on her costume, fantastic hair sculpting, good details and proportions. She also comes with one small figure of one catroid, keeping the same good quality of the main figure.

After this big amount of stuff, I guess, the winner for Asobi figures is now CM’s Corporation!!! And my wallet says, just one more time… but I really can’t buy this one >_<

Gutto Kuru Figure Collection La Beaute Eris

Series: Asobi ni Ikuyo!
Price: ¥ 8,800
Release Date: November 2010
Type: Painted PVC & ABS, 1/8 scale (19.0 cm height)
Sculptor: ???
Manufacturer: CM’s Corporation
Distributor: CM’s Corporation


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