Embrace Japan Demonsqueezer Diabolus Inclinatus

[Adult Censored Content] Living behind the scenes of amazing illustrations, the popular illustrator and character design Sousi Hirose did once a very nice job called Demonsqueezer, which you can find another beauty called Diabolus Inclinatus. Brining to you something so “rare” and vague, Embrace Japan did this unspoken figure! Getting such quality on their cast-off parts, and putting a stunning light red hair, she is really a irresistible succubus.

Felt in love? Not yet? So get to the hot pics now!

Diabolus Inclinatus (ディアボルス-インクリナタス)

Series: Demonsqueezer
Price: ¥ 8,190
Release Date: December 2010
Type: Painted PVC, non-scale (22.0 cm height)
Sculptor: HOKUSOH
Manufacturer: Embrace Japan
Distributor: Embrace Japan


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