Taki Corporation went Bankrupt

On July 1st of 2010, Taki Corporation announced the end of their company, from movies, goods and figures. Everything they did had a feeling of bad taste, and most part of their figures should be forgotten for the good, but what happened to their legacy?

Odessa Entertainment practically received Taki products for a cheap price, and will keep the DVDs sales, while the figures and anime goods are gone, and if you are a huge fan of figures, will know better than me why.

Well if you don’t know, I took a look on their “legendary” figure collection, and got some figures to show you why.

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paiki.info: News about my travel to Tokyo, and other Tokyo Stuffs. Anime and Figures.

2 Responses to Taki Corporation went Bankrupt

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  2. Guy says:

    There is a God… best news ever. They always had a huge foothold in the Five Worst figures of every week’s Figure Friday. My sanity, having to look at all of their figures..

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