Chara-ani HOTD Rei Miyamoto

[Uncensored Adult Content] Tsundere bitch Rei Miyamoto will now serve not just her best friend, but also everyone will the third HOTD figure from Chara-ani. This figure also lacks some quality and the proportions aren’t perfect, but is HOTD and is HOT. The full second body is something that you can’t really avoid, since is like 2 figures in 1 box.

No wonder, if you can’t be satisfied with the quality like me, I think you need start avoiding the Chara-ani figures, they are getting Takied.

Rei Miyamoto

Price: ¥7,600
Release Date: February 2011
Type: Painted PVC & ABS, 1/8 scale (12.0 cm Height)
Manufacturer: Chara-ani
Distributor: Chara-ani


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