Chara-ani HOTD Saeki Busujima

[Uncensored Adult Content] Orgasmic Killer Saeko Busujima will receive the Chara-ani Sculptors treatment turning into a nice Cast-off Soft t-shirt. The second HOTD release have some nice proportions and isn’t something avoidable as the first one.

You just don’t have to take 5 days looking at these pics, since I’m 5 days absent… If you do this, you’ll really regreat… rofl.

Saeko Busujima

Price: ¥7,600
Release Date: March 2011
Type: Painted PVC & ABS, 1/8 scale (21.5 cm Height)
Manufacturer: Chara-ani
Distributor: Chara-ani


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2 Responses to Chara-ani HOTD Saeki Busujima

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  2. dcscandal says:

    I love this new edition. I have the first one, but I love these new extras. I like the new base a lot, and she looks amazing with this black apron or whatever that is. What should I do??? I want to buy this new one, too!!! Am I crazy or what???

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