Kotobukiya Shining World-Strangers Phantom EX-Xecty

The renewed version of Xecty Ein, the Phantom EX-Xecty, wasn’t only turned into an android, but also got a very sexy figure from Kotobukiya. The figure resembles Muv-Luv and Busou Shinki figures, in much more quality obviously.

Wondering if she is an Action Figure, since she has many parts that looks moveable, and have Figma Style as base. Kotobukiya said to have joined their efforts with HobbyJAPAN and SEGA, which I wonder where they helped in a Figure Production…

Phantom EX-Xecty

Series: Shining World-Strangers
Price: ¥6,800
Release Date: February 2011
Type: Painted PVC, 1/8 scale (22.0 cm Height)
Sculptor: Kento Ogasawara & Yuuta Amishima
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Distributor: Kotobukiya

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