Kaiyodo Revoltech Queen’s Blade Alleyne ~ 2P Color Version ~

Kaiyodo is finally back, and announced a new figure for her so love Revoltech Line. Queen’s Blade success and the cheap prices are also back for our happiness, and you can get now Alleyne in a secondary color version, and a lot of extra stuff for your fun. Revoltech is an action figure line just like Figma, but lacks some sculpting details and coloring.

Still a good figure, they improved a lot when they started doing Queen’s Blade Revoltech, so you should expect something with enough quality for you.

Revoltech Alleyne ~ 2P Color Version ~

Series: Queen’s Blade
Price: ¥2,800
Release Date: March 2011
Type: Painted PVC, 1/12 scale (13.5 cm Height)
Sculptor: Yuki Oshima
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
Distributor: Kaiyodo


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