Skytube Queen’s Blade Melona

Busty slime villain Melona shows the true meaning of her name on this very hot figure. Melona is out of my league, her slime hair is not my taste, and the big eyes are way too much for me. Putting my preferences aside, the figure quality and the slime stuff are impressive, she’s much better than in anime.

Skytube Melona

Series: Queen’s Blade
Price: ¥24,800
Release Date: July 2011
Type: Painted COLDCAST, 1/5 scale (20.0 cm Height)
Manufacturer: Alphamax
Distributor: Alphamax


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One Response to Skytube Queen’s Blade Melona

  1. Gnf says:

    like u said the quality is awesome
    very impressive
    but that price is impressive as well
    ¥24,800 WTH

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