Featured video: Raruto Sisepuede OP1 – The Parody of Naruto Shippuuden Opening

Pretty old news, but with some good stuff to remember. Jesulink is a ‘cabrón’ who made the most awesome parody of Naruto ever. The Raruto parody reached the stunning amount of 11 videos. If you’re that guy who saw the first and second opening of Raruto and forgot about it like me, so you’re also the right guy to click and see the full details of this awesome guy with his genius mind of comedy.
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Movic Saber Excalibur Umbrella from Fate/Stay Night

Since we don’t have much news about figure Pre-orders and Official announcements, I tried to find some nice stuff over their blogs and websites. I found today this nice umbrella made to resemble Saber Excalibur. It’s have 105 cm height and have the Avalon as a protective bag. Isn’t it nice you walk over some streets with a nice Excalibur?
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The World Without Anime #4 One Piece

When I was kid, all women were abandoning this type of swimsuit called “One Piece” to get a new improved one, the Bikinis, everyone could imagine One Piece as a swuimsuit… but now, One Piece -> Strawhat -> Nami -> Nico Robin >>>> Bikinis… oh god?! The Separated pics showed after…
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The World Without Anime #3

Index, it was just a page before To aru majutsu no Index…

Sorry for kept this one (I made on December 2009). I think people already realised that I had an extreme heavy-work January. So I’ll return to the Paiki.Info boat now.

Anyone have any idea for the next The World Without Anime????

The World Without Anime #2

The most famous astronaut nowadays is just an Merchandise-type anime with all type of lolis!

Yuri Gagarin was the first man to cross the atmosphere and go to space. He’s quit famous everywhere, but now when I ask for Yuri on twitter everyone think about Yuri type animation, loli crap!

Who thinks Yuri as lesbians first raise your hands \o!

The World Without Anime #1

I’m thinking of my life without knowing Japanese animation and all related stuff and I will try to create this series of anime quotes.
For the first, what would you think about a black rock shooter?

KFC Muscleman Sanders

Found this looking at safebooru. Full Picture here: here.

Made an image header for this post, dunno why… people who doesn’t know Colonel Sanders is the one that shows up on KFC commercials and stuff, the owner himself. So have fun…