Featured video: Raruto Sisepuede OP1 – The Parody of Naruto Shippuuden Opening

Pretty old news, but with some good stuff to remember. Jesulink is a ‘cabrón’ who made the most awesome parody of Naruto ever. The Raruto parody reached the stunning amount of 11 videos. If you’re that guy who saw the first and second opening of Raruto and forgot about it like me, so you’re also the right guy to click and see the full details of this awesome guy with his genius mind of comedy.
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Wallpaper Gifts – Mai-Hime

A selection of nine Mai-HiME wallpapers that I just adjust for you my friends. These images are on PS2 game called Unmei no Keitōju, and are in great quality. As you can see, the illustrator of this series is really good and I love the art work of Mai-Hime series.
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GSC Nendoroids travelling to Natal

Paiki and Priscy went to a travel in Natal/RN – Brazil with two Nendo-victims. These two Nendoroids went in a test-drive suffering a large amount of stress travelling by plane, and going to beach on heavy sun. Took more photos for people who would like to visit Brazil soon.
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Top 10 Wallpapers for To aru Kagaku no Railgun

My small collection of Konachan wallpapers for To aru Kagaku no Railgun. After a long 2 months getting a lot of random wallpapers, I decided to put some order and discovered that I have tons of Raigun wallpaper. Many of them are not that good but I think I have enough to get a Top 10 myself.
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Trying my best

Sorry folks, I’m currently working and studying 16 hours/day. I need make some reviews soon. So stay tuned, problably this weekend I’ll put a nice Taka Co. Review.

Twelve days in Italy

I’ll be absent for 12 days, on vacation, traveling in Italy. Problably won’t put photos here, but I’m pretty sure that I’ll update a lot after I return. Anyway, just some random photos from danbooru of New Venice (from anime ARIA).
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Spams on Twitter

spammed by twitter
I had a feeling that this is a User Following Spam Bot. Don’t you agree? The worst, when you go inside these users, they have A LOT of people following them.

Do you know any way to remove these Spammers Adding you from Twitter?