Uart Queen’s Blade Airi ~ C Cube Vol.4 ~

Uart announced a new high quality figure, using cold cast with PVC, and making a fully cast-off costume to Airi. Well, just like the same when she decided to stop eating souls.
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Nendoroid Queen’s Blade Airi

Nendoroid Queen’s Blade fans will be delighted with the last update on their collection, it’s Airi, the ghost battle girl, carrying with her the death scythe and her two souls. So the collection is grow slowly, but looks pretty good how they are putting the hotties into a Nendo body.
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Griffon R-Line Airi ~ Black Color Version ~ from Queen’s Blade

Griffon R-Line second figure announced today is Airi, the Ghost Maid, in black maid costume. This figure was also sculpted by i-con and have the same scale as Leina (near 1/9 scale). You can cast-off her eyes protection and makes she wield her Death Scythe.
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