Movic Hyakka Ryoran Yagyu Jubei

Not so good figure with a very good girl, Movic Yagyu Jubei have some good stuff and a lot of bad things. Some good details on her back and the swords are amazingly good, but for your surprise, the painting job, and minor details like her hairpin are awful. For a reasonable price the 1/7 scale (called 1/8 by the manufacturer) have a very negative feeling for me.
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Skytube Hyakka Ryoran Yagyu Jubei ~ Swimsuit Version ~

[Censored Adult Content] Hyakka Ryoran heroine Yagyu Jubei gets a new amazing figure, putting away all her samurai skills and clothes away. This swimsuit version is a 1/7 scale figure, with cast-off on her front, everything for a small and nice price. Hope the other companies get it as an example for success.
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