New video of Makoto dancing Renai Circulation

Makoto is the creator of this original dance for Renai Circulation [Kana Hanazawa] that spread over the world. This very cute girl is now back to her original work to do a much better High Definition version of her most famous video, and we are here to keep spreading this very cute video over the world. Just click and select the old version or the new one.
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Card Games in Japan

Was looking at Amiami and found an old Hobby of mine, Magic: The Gathering Trade Card Game (TCG) and I remember how uncool looked like this game after I went to Japan.
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Kanji of 2009 (New)

The Kanji of the year is a small event made by Zaidan hōjin Nihon Kanji Nōryoku kentei kyōkai (Japanese Kanji Proficiency Society 「財団法人日本漢字能力検定協会」) to choose the best word that can explain the world and the social conditions of the year.
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Lobster Ufo Catcher

If you are feeling lucky and hungry, you can test your UFO Catcher Skills in this machine, and grab you dinner. What amazing stuff, 1 play for ¥200, it’s a bargain if a lobster was dead. But they are alive and will make everything to don’t get caught.

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Game Centers in Japan

Missing so much the Game Centers in Tokyo and Nagoya. TAITO STATION is one of the most popular Game Centers in Akihabara. Like SEGA, they have a lot of levels with many different games.
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Hirokōji Natsu Matsuri

Hirokoji Matsuri Nagoya 01

While Priscy is still in Nagoya, she found this Matsuri on Hirokōji Street on this weekend. And to show of the quality of her new Camera, 3 videos posted on youtube.
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Japanese Study


Talking with Priscy, she’s studying french once a week with her co-workers in a cafe.
When I was in Tokyo I found a lot of people doing a lot of different thing on Cafes and Fast-food Retaurants. Some boys and girls get time to put make-up, others prefer sleep, and the intelectual ones prefer study after eating or drinking.
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